ALL Container We Sell Comes with Our Guarantee

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Container Warranty Does Not Cover Contents

Inspect your container upon delivery. Please note that the warranty only covers the structural integrity of the container and does not cover contents or cosmetic issues (such as dings/dents or surface rust). Please inspect your doors, floors and roof prior to using your container.contents or cosmetic issues (such as dings/dents or surface rust). Please inspect your doors, floors and roof prior to using your container.

Customer Pick-up Units Must be Returned for Repairs

If you are picking up your own container or sending a truck, it is very important to check the container before leaving the depot. Containers can be rejected if they don’t meet the criteria listed for our warranty. Units we don’t deliver have to be sent back so that warranty work can be done on them.

Money Back Guarantee Does Not Include Trucking

We know that plans can change, but please keep in mind that returned equipment will be refunded less trucking costs (including the additional cost of picking up the container and returning it to the intermodal depot). If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Guarantee:

Sealing Doors

We guarantee that every container we sell has working gaskets and doors that close properly.

Please keep in mind that putting heavy things on one side of a container or putting it on an uneven surface can sometimes make the doors not line up right. Even surfaces that look flat may have enough slope over 20’–40′ to tilt the container just enough to make the doors not line up. Putting wood blocks or railroad ties under the door frame is the best way to make sure your doors are straight (please have these ready at delivery; they are not provided by the driver).

Please make sure your doors are lined up before you contact us about your warranty.

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No Leaks

We promise that your container won’t leak when we send it to you, or we’ll fix it. We’ll make sure that your container doesn’t leak as long as the warranty lasts (does not cover contents, customers should inspect containers for leaks regularly). Because containers are stacked on ships and in warehouses, the roofs sometimes have dents and dings. If water stays in that dent, it will rust and become a hole. Most small holes can be fixed with caulk, but bigger holes might need a patch. The best way to keep this from happening is to check your container often and paint the roof with paint made for metals.

Floors Free of Holes

A shipping container made for cargo can hold more than 40,000 pounds of cargo. Even though storage grade containers (MSC) might not quite meet that standard, we will guarantee that the floors are free of holes and soft spots and ready to be used. Please keep in mind that the best way to avoid holes or soft spots in the floor is to keep your container out of standing water so that the steel cross-members under the floor don’t rust.