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"Container delivery is not a difficult task but you must be prepared. Please review the steps associated with getting ready for your container delivery

Once you’ve chosen the right shipping container for your needs, preparing the site where it will be dropped off will help you avoid problems and protect your unit. Whether you choose to buy a shipping container from Myland Shipping Container’s or rent one, these important tips will help make sure the drop off goes well. Make sure with your sales rep ahead of time that these steps have been taken care of for a quick and easy delivery.

Step 1 – Choose the Right Container

First, look at the spot carefully and decide which container will work best there. There are many different sizes and types of doors for shipping containers. Depending on where the container is going, it might be best to use a smaller one so that the doors can open easily and the delivery is safe.

Step 2 – Measure Delivery Space

Don’t forget about the delivery trailer and the space needed for the truck to move around and unload the container. As a general rule, to make a delivery, you need twice the length of the container plus 10 feet in a straight line. It also needs to have enough width, but length is usually the most common problem with delivery. Too often, people think wrongly that a 40-foot container can fit in a 40-foot space. The best way to deliver shipping containers is with a roll-off, which needs a lot of straight-line space. Take the time to confirm the size and dimensions of the shipping container and then measure the delivery space to avoid problems on the day of delivery.

Step 3 – Prepare Location

Is the ground flat? If not, the doors might be hard to open and close. If you want to put a container on land that isn’t even, you can put wood blocks under it. Is there enough water flow? Keep your Corten steel container out of standing water to keep it from getting damaged, sinking, or getting out of level. Drainage is important during a storm. Putting the container on gravel is one way to solve this problem, but you can also use wood blocks under the container. Also, please send pictures if there are any problems with the route the delivery trucks are taking. This includes things like trees, power lines, and other things that could get in the way. Keep in mind that trucks turn wide, and they need 14 feet of height clearance and 12 feet of width clearance.

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