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The three most common sizes, according to the International Standards Organization (ISO), are 20 feet, 40 feet, and 40 feet “high-cube.” Look at our containers for sale to find out about other sizes, dimensions, and technical details.

The new ISO containers are made of steel, and the floors are made of marine-grade plywood.

Myland Container sells both new and used containers. New containers come direct from the factory, as one-trip units, meaning they have only been used to carry freight once. Used containers are available in a range of conditions. Myland Containers categorizes containers into four classifications.

IICL: (As recommended by the International Institute of Container Lessors.) IICL’s used shipping containers are of the highest quality and meet uniform standards. They can be used on ships for a long time, stored on land, or changed.

Cargo-worthy: (Not repaired or maintained in accordance with IICL guidelines.) Used shipping containers that can still hold cargo are a great way to store things and make changes on the ground level. These used containers can also be used on international ships, but a third-party container surveyor needs to check them out and give them a seal of approval first. Some of these shipping containers may have small rust spots and dents on the outside.

(A standard a little lower than cargo-worthy.) Even though these used shipping containers may not meet international standards for marine use, they are windproof and waterproof, making them a good choice for storage on land. Some of these shipping containers may have small rust spots and dents on the outside.

As is, where is: Containers that are sold “as is, where is” are sold in their current state, which can include dents, rust, holes in the floor, and other problems or missing parts on the inside. fit for fencing, walls, barriers, and other uses that aren’t related to transportation.

Containers can be used to store things that can’t get wet, to ship things overseas, to make portable offices and bathrooms, to make modular buildings, to store machinery and equipment, to make military command centers, to make hunting shelters, and to do a lot more. Check out our shipping container customization and modification options to see what the most common changes are.

If you want to use the container for international shipping, a third-party container surveyor will need to check it out and give you a certificate. This process can be made easier with Interport.

Myland Containers hires other trucking companies to do its delivery work. Containers can be brought to their destination on a flatbed, tilt-bed, low-boy, or chassis trailer. Please keep in mind that a forklift or crane is needed at the delivery site if a flatbed, low-boy, or chassis is used to bring a container. You can also have a trucking company of your choice pick you up at Myland Containers.

Your shipping container should be placed on firm, dry, level ground, i.e. pavement, gravel, or hard dirt. If your container is being delivered by flatbed trailer, you will need a crane or forklift onsite at the time of delivery so you can lift the container off the truck.

A 20-ft container is 12 feet wide and needs 60 feet of straight running room (no turns). For a tilt-bed truck to deliver a 40-foot container, it needs 120 feet of straight running room with no turns. The container is 12 feet wide. For the height, containers on a chassis/tilt-bed or on a low-bed (low-boy) need at least 14 feet of space above them so they don’t hit wires or other things. If the trucking company can’t deliver, the customer will have to pay for all trucking and shipping costs.

Myland Containers has an on-site shop for making changes that was built for that purpose. People often change things like the doors, windows, electrical wiring, HVAC, and roll-up doors. There are also other ways to change how a container looks.

Myland Containers will send you an invoice once you have ordered your shipping container. Once your invoice is paid by check, money order, wire transfer, cash, or credit card, Myland Containers will release your container to you or the trucking company making your delivery. You can also use this site to pay online.

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